Customised Approach to Working With Small Producers


amfori has now made available the Small Producer Assessment (SPA). Improving our services for members, this tool is designed to help get a better snapshot of the working conditions of small production facilities along the supply chain.

It tackles some of members challenges by facilitating the social performance monitoring of smaller producers that are less formally organised and lack sophisticated management systems in comparison to large producers.

What is the SPA?

The SPA provides the following:

  • an audit questionnaire specialy tailored to address small producers;
  • specific guidance for auditors;
  • the possibility of an offsite follow up on a small producer’s performance to encourage continous improvement.

Why use the SPA?

If you have small producers in your supply chain, this tool will help you to:

  • reach out small producers in the due diligence strategy;
  • monitor beyond tier 1;
  • enable small producers to access remediation and capacity building, core to our services;
  • achieve a more accurate representation of the social performance of small producers.

What we offer

Our services also include:

  • trained auditors geared towards small producers;
  • a self-assessment for producers to prepare for a SPA audit;
  • guidance for small producers and their buyers.

Interested in learning more about this tool? Find out more on how to become a member.




Congrats on the launch of Small Producers Assessments!
May I know more details of this new program? 1. As a retailer role, how can we manage the small producers through SPA? 2. Is SPA a form or a online tools? 3. As you mentioned there will also be a auditor, so what does the auditor's role, a trainer or something? 4. Is there any follow up actions? How to manage the non-compliances?

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