Decision of the Food and Primary Production Committee


On 14 September 2010, the Supervisory Board decided that: "Processed food from risk countries is included in the general commitment formula which says that 2/3 of suppliers in risk countries have to be involved in the BSCI process and that audit results have to be "good" or "improvements needed" 5 ½ years after joining the BSCI." The same day, the Supervisory Board requested the Food and Primary Production Committee to come up with a formula for the Primary Production sector, which should be binding for all members involved in food, starting 2011. During its meeting on 23 September, the Food and Primary Production Committee decided that BSCI members involved in Food shall adhere to the following commitment: " (...) 10% of buying volume or 15 suppliers in primary production (as defined by BSCI) in risk countries in the improvement process and be audited (first audit) within 3 ½ years after joining (using the primary production methodology of BSCI)." These decisions will be presented to the Members Assembly  in November 2010 so they are reflected in the BSCI Declaration of Membership as of 1st of January 2011. These decisions represents a great improvement in the consistency of the BSCI system. From now on, the BSCI members will be able to include in their suppliers' mapping exercise and commitment all kind of goods (food and non-food). It also represents a great opportunity for BSCI members that can trace their social risks through the entire food supply chain, using both industrial and primary production methodologies offered by BSCI. They can reach their food processors in risk countries horizontally. But they can also promote social compliance at both direct primary producers and the primary producers the food processors source from. Full detail decisions are available in the members area under the decisions of the Food and Primary Production Committee. Contact: Veronica Rubio, Food Project Manager.

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