Deepening Global Collaborations For Responsible ICT Value Chain


Mid-September, FTA Director General Christian Ewert attended the 5th Annual CSR Summit organised by the China Electronics Standardisation Association (CESA) in Beijing. 

At the summit, Mr Ewert shared FTA’s future long term strategy, Vision 2030; upcoming rebranding changes with the launch of a new identity, amfori, in January 2018; and highlighted the collaboration established between both associations:

"Together with CESA, our aim is to build mutual understanding and trust between BSCI as a global standard across industries and SJ/T16000 as an ICT standard in China. We will call for a pledge to align requirements in Occupational Health Safety (OHS) and eco-performance in both standards, engaging the members of both of our organisations to work towards the same requirements. In doing so, we hope to bring China and Europe closer together in ways that will drive sustainable trade.”  said Mr Ewert.

Joyce Chau, FTA Representative China together with 20 local CSR experts were also invited to join the CESA-CSR Think Tank for a term of two years to further explore recommendations in driving CSR performance in the ICT industry.

Since last year, FTA and CESA have held joint capacity building workshops covering areas such as Workplace Health and Safety, ecological footprint and sustainable development. In addition, CESA has hosted factory visits that provided a platform for discussions with government representatives on how to go about building a decent workplace.

Stakeholder meetings

Prior to the Summit, Mr Ewert and leading executives from the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT), and CESA met to discuss how to work closely together in building a responsible and sustainable global ICT value chain. 

During the meeting, it was emphasised that the Chinese Government is committed to increase the awareness of CSR, particularly in the ICT industry. To maintain a sustainable industrial development, it plans to promote:

  • innovative development;
  • energy saving and environmental protection;
  • management with integrity;
  • harmonised employment; and
  • social welfare.

The three organisations agreed to jointly advocate and actively promote responsible manufacturing and sustainable value chain management in the global ICT industry.

For more coverage of the event, check out MIIT and CESA’s websites.

Contact: Joyce Chau, FTA Representative Greater China


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