Deforestation in Supply Chains: Focus on Due Diligence



At the One Planet Summit on 11 January, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, called for, “2021 [to] be the year when the world turns over a new leaf for our planet.” As part of the European Green Deal, the European Commission is expected to propose due diligence legislation to prevent deforestation in the supply chains of products consumed in the EU. This legislation is expected during the first half of 2021. amfori Advocacy recently published a position paper with recommendations for this proposal.

EU embodied deforestation represents 10% of total deforestation around the world so this legislation could help attenuate further climate change and biodiversity loss. Since deforestation is linked to a faster spread of disease, the current pandemic has pushed the protection of forests even higher on our list of priorities.

Sustainable trade is at the heart of this topic, combining measures that would have the highest effects possible against deforestation and forest degradation, giving a pre-eminent place to social considerations, especially to local populations that would be heavily impacted by a change of production methods, and giving companies the tools to implement effective due diligence measures without putting a strain on their economic viability.

For this reason, amfori considers that supply chains are ready for legislation on due diligence. This legislation should be part of a broader action plan to ensure that efforts made by all players - companies, producers, EU authorities, governments from sourcing countries, etc - build upon one another. The paper provides seven key recommendations on what such an action plan could look like.

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We need you

Now we need you to support amfori’s position by calling upon EU decision makers to follow these recommendations. You will find here a toolkit with social media posts, a draft letter to send to the European Commission and powerpoint slides if you want to present the ideas to stakeholders.

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Please get in touch with Florence Sarrazin if you have any questions or want more information on the paper.

Upcoming events:

Don’t forget to register for the side session of the OECD Due Diligence forum in textiles and footwear on 2 February, which will ask if plant-based materials in textiles are sustainable for forests.

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