In-depth: amfori’s approach to Human Rights Due Diligence



As part of amfori’s priorities for the remainder of 2019 and looking forward to 2020, it is our priority to raise awareness and continually improve our approach to Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD). Here we are sharing the first briefing document in a series on HRDD, which we will disseminate in the coming months to raise awareness on our activities in the area. In order to best inform members, we will also shortly publish a series of frequently-asked-questions on HRDD to assist them in best understanding our process and position on the topic.

The aim of this document is to be a resource to answer questions on amfori’s approach to human rights due diligence. The main areas considered in this statement are the following:

  • amfori BSCI principles,
  • amfori BSCI Monitoring approach
  • Mitigation and remediation
  • Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement


amfori strives to be a leader in the field of HRDD and regularly updates and revises its amfori BSCI system, the basis of our systems to monitor HRDD.

amfori’s commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration is at the heart of our approach and helps us meet changing expectations from both members and stakeholders. In addition, our unique offering puts amfori at the forefront of preparing for new complex challenges.

To achieve these ambitious aims, we are in close and regular dialogue with our members and stakeholders: these include Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organisations, trade unions and governments. This collaboration enables us to critically assess the efficiency of our system, which in turn allows us to readjust and adapt it as needed.

Through our extensive dialogue with stakeholders, we have encountered a variety of recommendations for improvements. While some of these recommendations are an integral part of our system already, others are in the process of being integrated or need to be explored in further depth and assessed in terms of feasibility.

A common misconception that amfori encounters in its dialogue with stakeholders is that amfori is perceived as a stand-alone social auditing scheme. Through this document, we aim to guide members in explaining how amfori BSCI is part of a range of human rights due diligence services that we provide.

In its entirety, amfori BSCI is a fully-fledged due diligence scheme that allows members to exercise greater control of their human rights due diligence. In conclusion, this allows members to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how they address the impact of their business on human rights across supply chains.


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