Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Become an amfori Board Member



The call for candidates to become a member of the amfori Board of Directors has now been open for one month. If you are interested to apply, now is the time to send us your submissions!  

Do you have the right profile? Take the test

Here is a checklist to understand if you should submit your candidacy:  

  • I strongly support the mission of amfori: open and sustainable trade that benefits people, the planet and our economy
  • I am in an executive position at my company or organisation
  • I can bring something to the table: specific expertise, specific knowledge, specific background
  • I have a good understanding of amfori services
  • I am supported by my organization to develop my network and professional and personal potential through taking a leadership role on the Board of Directors of an international organization

All boxes checked: submit your candidacy

If you ticked all the boxes: there is still time to submit YOUR candidacy via the online form before midnight on Friday 16 April 2021 (CEST).

Only the last box unchecked? Get support and submit your candidacy

If all boxes but for the last one check for you: there is still time. This is an opportunity for you to get your organization’s support. We are happy to help with additional information. You can reach out to your local amfori network representative or to the main office team via  

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