Driving Responsible Recruitment in Thailand


In late February BSCI hosted a high-level seminar in Bangkok on Export Markets and Social Compliance to discuss current legislation regulating migrant workers’ recruitment and the effects of transparent recruitment practices on business relations with overseas markets.

Thailand is the world’s top producer of food products and relies on migrants to meet its need for labour force. However, in recent years the country’s reputation has been challenged by cases of abuses against migrant workers, where exploitation often starts with the recruitment process.

The seminar, organised in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Thai Embassy in Belgium, counted on the participation of FTA representative Greater China, Joyce Chau, International Labour Organization (ILO) and Thai government representatives from the Ministries of Labour and Commerce, among other speakers. All stakeholders stressed the importance of monitoring and improving the recruitment of migrant workers and expressed their commitment to work towards that goal. 

Follow-up trainings

This event was the result of the work carried out since 2015 by the ad hoc Working Group Thailand, created to specifically address the working conditions of migrant workers in the Thai food industry and currently composed of over 20 BSCI participants. Management representatives from 30 BSCI producers supplying to these participants joined the event.

As a follow-up of this seminar, two trainings aimed at promoting responsible recruitment practices will be held end of March for these Thai producers:

  • Tuesday, 21 March: training for HR managers on Thai legislation and due diligence practices
  • Wednesday, 22 March: training for purchase managers on migrant workers in supply chains

BSCI Module on Responsible Recruitment

To build on the work done so far by this BSCI Working Group and capitalise on the learnings gained, the FTA secretariat will launch in the coming months a BSCI Module on Responsible Recruitment.

This module will offer:

  • A set of guidelines for BSCI participants and their business partners on responsible recruitment practices.
  • Specific training material on this topic.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the ad hoc Working Group, please contact Anna Stancher, Social Programmes Manager.

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