Due Diligence Legislation Across Europe: Watch the Webinar


On 9 May, FTA hosted the first 2017 Thought Leadership Webinar entitled ‘Assessing the Landscape of Due Diligence Legislation Across Europe’.

Drawing the interest of almost 190 participants, this webinar presented an overview of the different legislations impacting companies across Europe and beyond and provided useful resources on this topic.

Margaret Wachenfeld, Managing Director of Themis Research gave a comprehensive overview of:

  • the evolution of due diligence practices;
  • Emerging laws at the national level such as in France and Switzerland;
  • Topic specific laws such as child labour and conflict minerals; and
  • Requirements from the laws which may include benchmarking and reporting.

Gilles Goedhart, Senior Policy Officer Business and Human Rights at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the child labour due diligence law which was adopted on 7 February 2017. He also highlighted the status of the law along with the requirements and sanctions if allegations of child labour are found.

Finally, FTA French National Contact Group Coordinator, Sylvie Thonnerieux, introduced the French Law on Duty of Care giving an update on this new legal obligation, which companies are affected by the legislation and its impacts and sanctions.

Watch the recording of the webinar

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