Earth Day 2017: Paris Agreement One Year On


Last year on 22 April, Earth Day, the historical Paris Agreement was opened for signature. Just a few months later the agreement entered into force and today has 194 signatories. Presently, 143 countries have ratified the agreement, which aims at keeping global temperature rise below 2oC within this century.  

Prior to reaching the Agreement, countries submitted their climate action commitments, which laid out their contributions to global emission reductions and set the foundation for the overall agreement. The EU, for example, has committed to a binding target of an at least 40% domestic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. 

Commitments into actions

One year on, on the occasion of the Earth Day 2017, attention is now on how those commitments are translating into action and what is happening at the national level to start making progress towards the goals that have been set.  

FTA celebrates this significant date with high hopes on this implementation process, as the signing and ratification were only a step forward that should be followed by real measures.

With the role of business being central to the success of the Paris goals, companies bear a big share of this collective responsibility: they will start to see the impact of this historic deal through carbon taxes and local legislation and will need to have a plan in place to reduce their own emissions and engage with other actors in their supply chain to do the same. FTA, through its Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), encourages businesses to take steps in order to be ready for the impacts of transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Unleash Opportunity!

The FTA Conference that will be held in Brussels on 14-15 June will provide the opportunity to address this and other pressing topics in the environmental agenda. Register now and don’t miss out on our dedicated sessions:

‘Making the Cut– Measuring and Mitigating Emissions in Your Supply Chain (14 June, FTA members only) This panel discussion will demonstrate how BEPI can help business to measure their scope 3 emissions and engage suppliers and producers in their carbon reduction strategies, as well as steps to take to mitigate emissions and work towards carbon neutrality.

Climate Change and the Paris Agreement: What it Means for Business’ (15 June) This session will explore the effects on the agreement from multiple perspectives, including legislative, the private sector, SMEs, and NGOs working to halt climate change. Attendees will also learn the role their business can play in tackling climate change and how BEPI can support this important work.

Join us in the conversation to lead the change! For more information, please consult our full conference programme.

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