Earth Day 2018: Fighting Global Plastic Pollution


On 22 April amfori celebrates Earth Day – an annual event which brings together more than 1 billion people across 192 countries to take part in the largest public day of action in the world.

Each year the organisers choose a theme to focus individual actions around the world. This year’s theme is 'End Plastic Pollution', highlighting the growing issue of plastic pollution and associated threats to our natural environments.  

amfori recently organised a webinar for members only on the topic of plastic waste and the repercussions of a waste import ban in China.  

This webinar examined:

  • The recent decision of the Chinese government to ban imports of 24 types of waste;
  • Insight into the EU strategy on plastics in the circular economy; and
  • The impact on business and recommended actions to take.

amfori BEPI supports its members to improve environmental performance in their global supply chains, including reducing and managing waste and pollution at factory level. Learn more about how your company can enhance its environmental performance.

amfori Annual Conference

Interested in reducing waste and creating a positive impact on the environment?  Join us at Unleash Opportunity Conference in June this summer to hear from an inspiring line-up of speakers addressing the most pressing environmental issues we are currectly facing.  

Panel Sessions

Avoiding a Toxic Tomorrow – Why Chemicals Are Key to a Circular Economy

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Keeping an Eye on the Money – How ESG Reporting and the Financial Sector Connect

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