Encouraging Responsible Recruitment in Food Supply Chains


Inspired by amfori, Swedish member, Axfood, developed the company’s own content to address the challenges of discrimination against migrant workers and provide decent working conditions in the food supply chain.

The company supported the development of the e-learning software, QuizRR, collaborating with the Axfoundation, business partners, and other Nordic retailers, including amfori members Ica and Coop, to bring more awareness on responsible recruitment in Thailand.

The software provides educational videos on responsible recruitment in line with amfori BSCI principles, reaching out to both management and workers. These trainings are made available in local languages including Burmese, Khmer and Thai. To kick start the pilot project, a workshop was held in Bangkok in March 2018 bringing together 14 Thai food producers. The QuizRR-training will be launched in Thailand in November 2018 and will be open for all companies.

“The challenge of discrimination and ill-treatment of migrant workers in the Thai food industry is huge, we see this commitment as a complement to what the amfori BSCI tools can provide,” said Kristina Areskog Bjurling from Axfood.

As a participant of adhoc Thai Working Group, Axfood worked together alongside other member companies sourcing from Thai food and fish industries to prevent exploitation and promote transparency in recruitment processes. The company also engaged several of its Thai producers in a training on responsible recruitment.

Axfood was selected as one of the finalists to the 2018 Members’ Award under the theme ‘Collaboration’. In addition to its Thai project, Axfood also presented on other collaborative projects in Turkey and Pakistan.

To find out more on how to support Thai companies in incorporating social compliance systems in their operations and supply chains, register now for our Multi-Stakeholder Forum taking place on 12 September in Bangkok.


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