Environmental Workshops for Producers Now Open for Registration


Following the rapid increase in BEPI members and producers in recent months, we are happy to announce that several workshops in China are now available for BEPI producers. Our aim is to ensure an effective onboarding process for factories that have been invited to participate in BEPI and help them realise tangible business benefits throughout their participation.

These workshops, delivered together with local educational experts in the field of Environment, Health and Safety, will focus on practical advice and case studies showcasing how environmental improvements can benefit producers in both the short and long term.

Topics relevant for BEPI producers in China include:

  • Getting Started with BEPI and Introduction to Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Air Pollution/Emissions

Spaces are limited, register your producers today!

Sessions will be available as of end-August and continue throughout the end of 2017. Visit the FTA Academy to assign the programme to your producers and see all dates.

Stay tuned for further sessions to be added including sessions in Bangladesh and India and training on chemical management and water management.

Other BEPI e-Learning courses

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We are interested for BEPI registration .
We are interested for BEPI registration .
We are interested for BEPI

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