EP elections: The importance of a strong trade agenda


On 28th of November, the FTA organised its 3rd Round Table debate "Campaigning for Free Trade, European Growth and Competitiveness - European Elections May 2014". Lucian Cernat, Chief Economist, DG Trade; Hubert Escaith, WTO Chief Statistician; and Marc Jütten, Advisor on External Policies to the President of the European Parliament, were invited as panellists to discuss how an informed shift in perception, that acknowledges the importance of well-functioning global value chains, can help present and advocate a more accurate picture of the benefits related to free trade. 

The debate, moderated by Rebecca Christie, Brussels correspondent for Bloomberg, took place against the backdrop of the official launch of the electoral campaign for a new European Parliament to take place in May 2014.  For the FTA, the objective of the debate was to stress the importance of a strong trade agenda in the electoral campaign, especially at a time when the European economy faces difficult challenges. 

The FTA is committed to sharing and contributing to on-going discussions and debates around trade on behalf of its members and EU citizens. This event is the third of a series of regular high-level Round Tables organised by the FTA; the purpose of which is to bring together key stakeholders to discuss the major issues, challenges and developments in relation to international trade.

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