EU Deforestation UPDATE – Greater Scope, Extended Obligations and Next Steps


On 17 November 2021, the European Commission presented its legislative proposal for an EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) to curb deforestation and forest degradation associated with the EU consumption and production of certain commodities and products.

We invite you to check our policy brief with information on the scope, obligations, enforcement, synergies with other EU policies, next steps and more.

The draft Proposal is being reviewed by the Parliament and the Council. Once the institutions have reached an agreement on the final text and the regulation comes into force, its requirements will apply within 12 months.

Relevant discussions on the product scope, main definitions and extent of the due diligence obligations and national enforcement are taking place. The proposal is thus subject to change in the coming months.

While the due diligence requirements are similar to those set by the EUTR and there is some time to go before they start to apply, the personal and material scope is wider.

Thus, we advise amfori members –particularly large traders and SME operators– to start assessing potential implications and putting in place the adequate due diligence systems and processes.

amfori is part of the decision-making process. Our policy team is proactively monitoring policy developments and has recently submitted its recommendations to the relevant European Parliament.

In addition, our sustainability experts will assess our Timber Due Diligence Programme to help amfori members align with the new legislation.

Lastly, we are working closely with our partner Preferred by Nature for the same purpose. You can access the recording of their latest webinar on “Introduction to the EU proposal for a deforestation regulation” and get a snapshot of the impact of the Ukraine conflict on the timber market.

We will continue to feed the views of our members into the conversation and remain available for any questions that you might have.

For more information, please contact, Environmental Policy Advisor


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