EU Green Deal: amfori supports members to improve performance


As the leading business association for open and sustainable trade, amfori welcomes the launch of the new Green Deal, as a means to deliver a more socially and environmentally conscious continent. Below you will find an outline of amfori’s tools and services. We will use those to work with business to drive the progress set out on the Green Deal.

amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI

amfori provides a range of services which enable companies to achieve significant social and environmental improvements in their global supply chains.

Most notably, through amfori’s environmental and chemical programme companies of all sizes can strengthen their environmental performance and establish sound chemical management systems. Over 8664 participating producers have already completed environmental self-assessment questionnaires to identify their strengths and weaknesses; a key step towards addressing deficits and potential risks through adequate mitigation measures. To increase the understanding and awareness of environmental and chemical issues, amfori also supports all participating producers worldwide with a wide range of capacity building activities. As some examples, producers have access to energy management trainings on production sites, thus saving money and reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the amfori BEPI Carbon Calculator helps also producers in determining their CO2 emissions automatically and help them monitor their progress.

Through amfori BSCI, amfori supports its members with the monitoring of human rights impacts also in the food and agri supply chains and with the necessary remediation activities. Going forward, amfori has the ambition of progressively moving beyond tier 1, by helping members map their supply chains upstream to farm level in order to broaden their sustainability strategies. This approach also includes capacity building activities to strengthen the skills and competencies of businesses in food supply chains to recruit and manage their workers in line with international frameworks.

amfori advocacy

amfori recently joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) administered by the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action as a supporting organisation.

amfori’s advocacy key priorities, as outlined in the EU policy agenda 2024, list the focus areas to advance economic prosperity as well as environmental and social sustainability in Europe. 

Going forward, amfori will explore the possibility of setting up a Circular Economy Policy Project Group to further assess our contribution to the policy discussions surrounding circular economy. More information, including a call for members to join, will follow in due course.


Read more about how amfori services contribute to reaching the Green Deal’s goals.


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