EU-India Cooperation in Trade and Sustainable Development


In early March, amfori, alongside The Delegation of the European Union to India and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), jointly organised a forum on 'EU-India Cooperation in Trade and Sustainable Development' in New Dehli. Participants included European officials and representatives from businesses, producers, as well as governmental organisations.

amfori's President, Christian Ewert, highlighted India's attractiveness as a trade and investment partner for the European Union. India combines a large market with a high growth rate, making it one of the largest growing economies in the world with plenty of opportunities, and is also the third largest sourcing market for amfori members. He hopes to see renewed momentum on the EU-India Bilateral Trade Agreement which has been in negotiation for the last 12 years.

Mr Ewert also addressed the benefits of creating a sustainable work environment in supply chains in reference to the UN 2030 agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  At the forum, special attention was also drawn to the scaling of production and productivity especially for SMEs. So far there is consensus in the European Union on the issue of sustainability; the real challenge is to make sustainability cost effective for SMEs.

Alongside this event, amfori in collaboration with CII launched a project as part of the amfori Women’s Empowerment Programme. Under this one-year project there will be a series of 10 workshops to reduce workplace violence by improving communication and team management skills of male line supervisors to promote better working relations. A key activity to improve workplace relations is to increase awareness of workers and supervisors on labour rights and grievance mechanisms.

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