EU-Indonesia Trade Talks: Quick Progress Is Imperative


In light of the recent round of trade negotiations between the EU and Indonesia on a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement, amfori is publishing a position paper to call on the two sides to progress quickly on concluding the talks.

We believe that the EU-Indonesia trade links are highly under-utilized due to the many barriers to trade, and the current exchanges could be much higher. Moreover, while Indonesia is ASEAN’s largest economy, accounting for 36% of its GDP, as well as its most populous nation with over 260 million inhabitants, it is only the fifth trading partner of the EU in the region.

As an association that promotes open and sustainable trade, amfori believes that increased trade relations are also a powerful tool for promoting sustainable development. We call on the two sides to include a robust chapter on Trade and Sustainable Development and set up a civil society platform for the engagement of multiple stakeholders in the discussions on issues of trade and sustainable development. This approach can also go a long way in addressing the sustainability challenges in the Indonesian palm oil sector.

Access the full position paper here.

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