Europe’s “Man-on-the Moon-Moment”: EU Green Deal Launched


A list of 50 milestones for a new EU growth strategy and to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050.


11 December 2019: Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans unveiled the European Green Deal, a roadmap towards 2050 for transitioning Europe towards climate neutrality through, amongst others, clean products and technologies.

The Green Deal covers all sectors of the economy and provides for an extensive list of actions which will be rolled out over the course of the next Commission term: some imminently, while others are projected for delivery in 2021-2022.


What are some of the actions the EU plans to take?



A new climate law will be proposed by March 2020, as the key to reaching the climate neutrality target and to triggering an upsurge in investment. By summer next year, the Commission will also present plans to increase the EU’s greenhouse gas emission reductions target for 2030.


By June 2021, relevant energy legislation and climate-related policy instruments will be reviewed and revised where necessary. In case of a risk of carbon leakage due to differing levels of ambition among countries, the Commission will propose a carbon border adjustment mechanism.


Circular economy

A new Circular Economy Action Plan alongside a new EU Industrial Strategy will support this green transformation. In this plan, the Commission will prioritise the textiles, construction, electronics and plastic sectors. The action plan will also encompass a ‘sustainable products’ policy to support the circular design of products based on a common methodology.

The Commission also wants to propose new legislation to ensure that all packaging in the EU is reusable or recyclable by 2030. The Commission further intends to more effectively tackle green claims and will consider requirements to boost the market for secondary raw materials with mandatory recycled content.


From Farm to Fork

In spring 2020, the Commission will present its Farm to Fork strategy to ensure Europeans are offered more affordable and sustainable food. The strategy will be key to tackling climate change, but will also contribute to achieving a circular economy, protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity and increasing organic farming.


Biodiversity & Ecosystems

By March 2020, the Commission will present a Biodiversity Strategy with commitments to address the main drivers of biodiversity loss in the EU, to be followed up by specific measures in 2021. A new EU forest strategy will also be issued in spring 2020 both to plant new trees and restore damaged forests in the EU, and to encourage sustainable imports.


Non-Toxic Environment & Zero Pollution

In summer 2020, the Commission will present a “chemicals strategy for sustainability,” to be followed by an action plan for water, air and soil in 2021 with a special focus on revising EU measures to address pollution from large industrial installations


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Contact: Valentina Bolognesi, Social & Environmental Policy Advisor


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