Every Week Should be Global Goals Week


Progress towards the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) cannot be accelerated alone. Coordinated efforts and collective actions to raise awareness are crucial to move them forward. That’s why on 22-29 September we joined the 2018 #globalgoalsweek campaign.

Under the theme 'accelerating progress together' we invited businesses, organisations and individuals to take part in several activities during this period.

Our first Unleash Opportunity webinar brought together speakers to  explore how the SDGs set a framework for embedding and reporting on sustainable business growth. If you missed it, you can watch the recording below.

In addition, we had an exclusive interview with Caroline Rees, president and Co-founder of Shift, discussing her advice for companies that want to start embedding human rights into their business practices.


Lastly, we asked people to participate in an interactive mosaic on which they could submit photos with the SDGs most relevant to their work.

Take a look and find your photo!

We were delighted to participate and we firmly believe action and awareness towards the SDGs should be embedded in our daily lives every week of the year.

Let’s collaborate together and accelerate progress even further!

Find out more about how amfori helps companies embed SDGs into their business strategy.

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