Feedback following BSCI’s online consultations


In 2011 BSCI launched online consultations to review BSCI’s Self-Assessment and Audit Questionnaires. The objective of the online consultations is to collect feedback from external stakeholders in order to make BSCI’s current resources effective tools for collecting accurate information on the working conditions in factories and farms. In December 2011 the online consultations for BSCI’s Self-Assessment and Audit Questionnaires ended. Comments and recommendations from over 150 stakeholders across Europe and producing countries have been compiled and a summary of their feedback is now available in the following documents: The BSCI Self-Assessment Questionnaires The BSCI Audit Questionnaire Stakeholder feedback will be taken into account when upgrading BSCI’s tools, we sincerely thank all stakeholders that submitted their recommendations and opinions. Please find more information on BSCI’s open consultation page. We encourage you to participate in shaping BSCI’s resources; your input will help us in our efforts to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

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