Finnwatch Recognises amfori BEPI as Climate Solution



Finnwatch, a non-profit organisation that investigates global impacts of Finnish business enterprises, recently released its report "Supply chains black as coal".

The report examines amfori BEPI as a tool to facilitate the reduction of fossil energy use at production facilities in risk countries. It also describes the significance of greenhouse gas emissions from imported products as well as the purchaser companies’ capacity to manage their products’ carbon footprint.

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Finnwatch outlines a number of recommendations for companies, amfori BEPI, and decision-makers on how to create more climate sustainable value chains for companies.

For companies

It suggests more specifically that there is enormous emission reduction potential in companies’ supply chains. For instance, it lists that companies must:

  • Set public time-bound objectives for the monitoring and quantitative reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • include their requirements concerning the use of renewable energy in all their purchase agreements.

It also lays out a recommendation directed at companies that they can take part in amfori BEPI to participate in climate action and demonstrate leadership.  

For amfori BEPI

In light of the climate crisis, political and consumer pressure on companies is increasing. As a result amfori BEPI has grown significantly over the past years. In line with a commitment to continuous improvement, these recommendations will be carefully reviewed and assessed in terms of feasibility and readjust its system accordingly.

amfori welcomes such contributions and seeks to further engage with NGOs and other civil society organisations.

To learn more about how members work to mitigate climate change, check out our amfori BEPI dedicated webpage.

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