FTA Addresses Cambodian Government After Violence Over Wage Strike


The Foreign Trade Association (FTA), the mother organisation of BSCI, has sent an official letter to call for urgent peaceful social dialogue following a series of violent clashes which erupted in Cambodia on 2 January 2014 leading to four fatalities. The incident, the latest in a history of conflict between garment workers and their employers, was the result of a nationwide strike by garment workers to demand an increase in and regular update to, the legal minimum wage.

Although Cambodia is not a major sourcing country for BSCI participants, there are nevertheless a number of active producers in that risk country. Participants expect that the factories they source from respect the right of workers to receive sufficient recompense for their labour. BSCI therefore strongly opposes all forms of violence and urges the government to peacefully address the discussion about wages. Furthermore, BSCI encourages the appropriate actors to establish a system for regular dialogue to achieve consensus with regards to fair remuneration.

To download the letter, please click here.

For further information, please contact Sabine Van Depoele, Stakeholder Relations Manager

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