FTA briefs the media on EU US trade negotiations


On the 27th November, the FTA participated in a media conference on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, to represent the perspective of the ESF, the European Services Forum on the matter.

Pierre Gröning, FTA Trade Policy Advisor, joined the panel debate, where he underscored the high importance of this partnership to the European services community and invited negotiators to take an ambitious approach as both the EU and US stand to gain massively from stronger economic integration across the Atlantic.

Organised by the European Journalism Centre, in cooperation with the European Commission, the seminar was targeted for a specialised group of 30 journalists representing important European newspapers and TV channels and its main objective was to provide an insight into the current status of talks and inform about opportunities and challenges. Other panellists included representatives from US business, chemical industry, a European consumer organisation, and the European trade unions.

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