FTA contributes to WTO discussions ‘Emerging protectionism — Multilateralism as a remedy?’


Pierre Gröning, FTA’s Trade Policy Advisor has lend his thoughts on the WTO’s public forum concerning the emergence of protectionism. Gröning looks back through history on the benefits that have been brought about by globalisation, emphasising long-term growth and increased welfare, particularly for many Asian countries. While acknowledging that trade liberalisation has been detrimental to a select few economic actors, the majority has reaped benefits. Gröning investigates multilateralism and international dialogue as solutions for key challenges, for instance, the conflicts that have risen from preferential trade agreements and ‘made-in’ labelling which requires trade liberalisation in order to maintain economic competitiveness.

Read more on Pierre Gröning’s ‘Emerging protectionism – Multilateral as a remedy?’ on the WTO public forum.

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