FTA Demands EU Trade Policy Adapted to Today's Global Value Chains


The FTA has published its contribution to the European Commission's trade and investment strategy update to ensure the interest of its over 1,500 retailers, importers and brand companies are represented.

Ambitious trade negotiations at WTO and EU level, a modernised rule book and policies that aim at facilitating trade should be key elements to implement during the new political term.

The review of the trade and investment strategy has been a priority for FTA since the new European Commission took office. EU trade policies have not kept pace with the rapid development of commerce worldwide and the increased complexity of global supply chains, hindering businesses' growth prospects and the EU's competitiveness. As FTA already highlighted in its Road Map for EU Trade Policy 2014-2019, today's global value chains demand a flexible and modern trade policy that pursuits ambitious goals.

"We urge the Commission to respond to retailers’ expectations by shaping a trade agenda that truly enables companies to face 21st century challenges and maximise the opportunities to enhance economic growth and social wellbeing", said Christian Ewert, FTA Director General. 

You can find the press release here. To read the full statement, please click here.

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