FTA Discusses Sustainable Trade with EU Officials in China


On August 26, Christian Ewert, FTA Director General, and Joyce Chau, FTA China Representative, had a fruitful meeting with Vincent Piket, Head of Office, and Alessandro Paolicchi, Head of Trade Section, European Union Office to HK and Macao.

The meeting positively enhanced FTA’s engagement of the EU official arm in this strategic business hub to drive sustainable trade. In 2014, the EU remained Hong Kong’s second largest trading partner after mainland China, while Hong Kong continued to play an important role as a trading hub and key conduit for two-way trade and investment flows between the EU and mainland China.

The EU has remained the largest source of foreign companies in Hong Kong, with a total of 1,937 companies. EU businesses are active in a wide variety of sectors -mainly financial and business services, trading, logistics, construction and retailing- and are key players in Hong Kong’s banking, insurance and securities sectors. 

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