FTA General Assembly 2014 and Stakeholder Panel Debates


On 25 June 2014, the FTA General Assembly took place in parallel to afternoon stakeholder panel discussions. Following the morning internal updates, which were exclusive for FTA members, external stakeholders joined panel debates under the theme 'Integrating Sustainability into Global Sourcing'. These panels explored how trade barriers, increased demand for transparency, and risks associated sourcing from emerging markets, are influencing today's business models. Around 80 participants joined the afternoon sessions and made lively contributions to the debates. The day was wrapped up with a keynote speech by Mr. Jean-Luc Demarty, Director General of DG Trade at the European Commission who highlighted the main challenges of today's world trade and outlined the Commission's objectives for the next five years.

FTA will continue discussions under the sustainability topic during the BSCI Annual Conference which will take place on 12 (BSCI participants only) and 13 November 2014. Please send an email to Heather Kiggins at heather.kiggins@fta-intl.org to express your interest to attend.

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