FTA Goes Social!


FTA is pleased to announce its new presence on social media platforms to improve and increase its outreach. Following the new FTA website which went live in July, optimised for social media and content sharing, FTA is now present on many popular online communication channels.

FTA will actively engage on Twitter to promote discussions on the latest trends in international trade and sustainable supply chains. Through its LinkedIn profile and showcase pages dedicated to the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) you benefit from an extra channel to access information about the latest developments. In addition, the association will showcase and promote its activities through video and picture-sharing via YouTube and Flickr.

These new social media channels will enable FTA to more easily provide news and updates from the association and engage in dialogue with an enlarged audience of stakeholders.

We invite you to connect and interact with us on these platforms, and to stay tuned for more updates!

Connect With Us

Twitter: @fta_intl

   LinkedIn: Foreign Trade Association

   YouTube: Foreign Trade Association

   Flickr: FTA-intl



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