FTA Insight on Imports 2012 - 2013 Now Available


FTA has now made available its ‘FTA Insight: EU Consumer Goods Import Statistics 2012-2013’, a dossier produced annually by FTA and exclusive to members which offers members a compilation of statistics describing EU imports from more than sixty countries.

Using data gathered from Eurostat, this overview covers imports of “soft goods”, such as clothing, textiles and furnishings; “hard goods”, such as electrical goods, furniture and toys; and “food”, ranging from meat to confectionery. The resulting figures have also been set into tables showing the “top ten” countries in each product range. 

With this Insight, readers can quickly see the importance of particular sourcing markets for each product group concerned, such as the dominance Asia holds in certain product ranges, and wide variety of countries responsible for food sourcing.

A similar and more comprehensive exercise was completed in 2014, which is currently accessible here by FTA members only.

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