FTA Introduces its Sustainability Services to Spanish Businesses and Stakeholders


On 22 September, FTA together with the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) held a meeting in Madrid attended by over 70 Spanish companies to provide an overview and updates on the work done by FTA and its initiatives, the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), in the field of sustainable supply chain management.

The meeting, presented under the title BSCI: Leading CSR in the Distribution Sector in Europe and Spain, gathered representatives of the Spanish Government, the International Organisation of Employers and the CSR committee at the CEOE among other speakers, who pointed at the importance of sustainable supply chain management and the role that the Ruggie Principles for Business and Human Rights play in achieving this goal. BSCI revised Code of Conduct draws on these and other important international labour standards protecting workers’ rights, providing its participants the right tools to be better placed to face the sustainability challenges of the future.

Bernardo Cruza, Chair of the BSCI Steering Committee and Representative of the Spanish department store El Corte Inglés, elaborated on BSCI’s approach, oriented towards a continuous development and a close collaboration among all actors in the supply chain. Christian Ewert, FTA Director General, and Darrell Doren, BSCI Managing Director, provided first-hand information on the upgraded BSCI Code of Conduct and its implementation, particularly in light of the newly established cooperation with the Initiative Clause Sociale (ICS). ICS brings together 20 large French and Belgian retailers; with an aligned vision on CSR at European and global level, both initiatives have embarked on a joint exercise with the aim of converging systems towards joining forces under the auspices of FTA.

The event gathered representatives from small and large companies, NGOs and associations, showing the significant presence of both initiatives in Spain. This day was a chance to understand the opportunities that BSCI offers Spanish distribution companies and their suppliers, as well as to provide a space for discussion on the role of business in a CSR context at the Spanish, European and international level.

Companies interested in knowing more about FTA and its services can visit the Become a Member session on this website or contact our membership team for more concrete queries.


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