FTA Launches its Business Environmental Performance Initiative


The FTA is proud to announce the launch of its new business-driven service, the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI). BEPI has been developed to support retailers, importers and brands to improve environmental performance in supplying factories and farms worldwide, offering a practical management system applicable to all product sectors and countries.

The launch of this new initiative responds to FTA’s mission of promoting a free and sustainable trade. Environmental sustainability in the production process has become an important topic for all companies sourcing from countries where environmental regulations are insufficient. In this sense, BEPI business case studies from the pilot phase carried out in Vietnam in 2013 proved its system a solid tool to develop cleaner and more efficient production. 

Through the BEPI framework, businesses increase transparency in their supply chains, reduce costs and improve the operational performance of their producers, by offering them a tailored system to identify and address high priority environmental areas where progress is most needed. The result is a comprehensive overview of producers’ performance in fields such as water use, pollution, waste management and environmental nuisances, based on which BEPI can provide individual support and capacity building activities to assist progress.

To join BEPI or for more information on this initiative, please visit www.bepi-intl.org

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