FTA Launches its Road Map for the EU Trade Policy 2014 to 2019


The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) is proud to announce the launch of the "Road Map for EU Trade Policy 2014 to 2019: Develop the full potential of EU Trade", a publication that reflects the view of FTA's 1,400 members (European retailers, importers and brand manufacturers) and presents the sector’s vision for the EU trade policy of the next five years.

In essence, the FTA Road Map calls on EU policymakers to commit to a strong trade agenda that promotes open markets avoiding protectionist measures, pursues ambitious negotiations and the modernisation of EU trade law, and underscores the link between free trade and sustainability. "EU is at a crossroads and it is our responsibility to safeguard what has made Europe strong: a community of open borders and free trade with the world", said Jan Eggert, FTA Director General.

To read the complete FTA Road Map, click here.

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