FTA Opens New Office in Bangladesh


FTA is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which will enable the association to grow its presence in the country and provide increased support on the ground. This new location will also allow FTA to expand its services in the operational fields of monitoring and capacity building for its sustainability initiatives to respond to members’ needs in the country.

To meet these objectives, FTA will also expand the team on the ground by recruiting two additional persons that will join FTA Bangladesh Representative, Daniel Seidl. This support will also include a special focus on capacity building to assist at the local level.

The official opening was held on 29 March, when FTA Director General Christian Ewert signed the office agreement together with Karl Borgschulze from CSI Consulting Services.

‘’The expansion of our network in Bangladesh was a logical step given our long-standing engagement in the country. FTA has been present in Bangladesh since 2011 and it is a crucial sourcing country for our members. Strengthening our presence and support on the ground will help us provide the right assistance to our companies and their business partners, and to show our commitment to Bangladesh’’ said Mr Ewert.

For more information about our regional offices, please consult our contact page of the FTA website.

Contact: Daniel Seidl, FTA Bangladesh Representative

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