FTA Participates in Commission's Public Consultation on CSR


 The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) has contributed to the survey on Corporate Social Responsibility launched by the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. The aim of the consultation is to obtain feedback from relevant stakeholders on the achievements, shortcomings and future challenges of the Commission's activities on CSR. The feedback collected will be summarised and made public in a final report. In its response, FTA has reiterated the importance of maintaining the voluntary nature of CSR. Business engagement should be based on a high level of flexibility and not be restricted by legislation which would inevitably augment administrative burdens and related costs. Moreover, in its comments, FTA reminded that while CSR is stimulating social development, the main burden of action lies with the domestic governments of sourcing countries.

FTA will remain in close contact with the Commission to further provide input on the direction of its CSR policy after 2014.

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