FTA Participates in Panel Discussion “Trouble Selling in Turkey”


On 23 February, FTA took part in a panel discussion “Trouble Selling in Turkey” organised by law firm McGuire Woods on the problems with doing business in Turkey. The event drew participants from several EU industry sectors, legal firms and the Belgium government. 

Stuart Newman, FTA Legal Advisor, summarised the duties imposed by Turkey on a variety of products and detailed why they are in conflict with the EU-Turkey Customs Union.  He also paid particular attention to the duties and tests imposed on footwear, giving approximate figures of their cost since their introduction in August 2014.

The merits of continued dialogue with the European Commission were as well discussed. FTA has raised the issue at the highest level on many occasions and the issue has subsequently been discussed in Turkey. However, without a dispute settlement process included in the Customs Union, Turkey is free to reject such pleas and has indicted that the duties will remain. In conclusion, there was some support from the audience to consider taking action under the Trade Barrier Regulation in an effort to force Turkey to remove the duties.

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