FTA Partners with CESA to Build Responsible & Sustainable ICT Value Chains in China


On 30 August, FTA Director General Christian Ewert participated in the Fourth Annual CSR Conference organised in Beijing by the China Electronics Standardization Association (CESA). During the event, CESA’s new ‘Guidance on Social Responsibility for the ICT Industry’ (SJ/T 16000-2016) was launched, following a consultation process with different stakeholders in which FTA played an active role.

The launch was officiated by Mr Fan Bin and Mr Guo Xiuming, Deputy Director and Associate Counsel at the Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations of the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology and was attended by over 200 international and local ICT brands, academics, professional institutes and media. Companies Otto Group and Dayton participated as well in the event representing FTA members.

The guidance references global standards such as ISO26000, national guidance GB36000 and international requirements such as the code of conduct from BSCI and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), and is aimed to guide the national ICT industry through continuous corporate responsibility improvement.

FTA’s engagement in the launch of this guidance and its support in further promoting its adoption in the industry during the next two years is part of the broader Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between FTA and CESA on 7 June. The launch of this guidance marks an important milestone in China’s CSR journey. I was honoured to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with CESA’s Social Responsibility Committee in order to drive CSR improvements in the ICT industry to support its compliance with national and international regulations and standards”, said Christian Ewert.

As part of this MoU, FTA and CESA will jointly roll out a series of capacity building and improvement programmes in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and environmental performance that will kick off end of 2016. FTA members will be invited to nominate producers in the industry to join the project. More information on the concrete process will be released in due time.

For more information, please contact Joyce Chau, FTA Representative Greater China.


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