FTA Partners with College of Europe to Promote EU-China Relations


On 15 May 2017, FTA, in cooperation with the College of Europe, held a conference on the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). The event garnered a lot of interest from academia, officials and business, with over 100 registrations, and helped reinvigorate discussion on the CAI which has been stalled for some time.

The speakers comprised of European and Chinese officials, academics, and trade experts. They covered the political, economic and legal aspects of the EU-China CAI. The main conclusion from the event was that the EU and China both need to put in efforts and continue the negotiations since the agreement will be beneficial for all.

The College of Europe is one of the most renowned academic institutions for European Affairs and has educated many notable alumni and hosted some of the major world leaders over its history, from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, German Chancellor Angela Merkel to most recently Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

FTA is a strong proponent of closer ties between the EU and China, and we hope to further support these efforts through our partnership with the College of Europe, which also hosts a dedicated department on EU-China relations.

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