FTA Promotes Responsible Practices Among Businesses in India


FTA along with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) hosted a high-level forum for businesses on trade and sustainability matters in Mumbai, India in late March. The event highlighted how crucial sustainable supply chains are for the success of Indian businesses and exporters.

During the event, FTA Director-General, Christian Ewert introduced FTA’s work and the local support it provides in India through its country representative, Natasha Mehta Majumdar. With almost 500 members sourcing from 2100 producers in India, FTA has a significant reach in the Indian supply chain. Sustainable supply chain management has become a common requirement for quality brands, retailers, and wholesale groups. FTA not only facilitates the monitoring of producers, but also provides training on sustainability and CSR and supports dialogue with local stakeholders.

Speaking about the role of FTA in the country, Bernhard Steinruecke, Director General of the Indo German Chamber of Commerce, commented: “FTA is a unique organisation that caters to the need of international trade and sustainable supply chains. Membership can be of great value for companies as it enables them to work together in a network of businesses alike and provides tailored support to achieve lasting and sustainable results.”

Globalisation and protectionism

The discussion also touched upon key topics such as the future of globalisation, increased protectionism, the freezing of EU-India negotiations on trade and investment, Brexit and its impact on India, and the country’s steps forward with the new CSR law implemented in 2014.

Director General of the Indian Merchants Chamber, Mr. Arvind Pradhan, commented, “I found the meeting very constructive as we could reflect on the social and environmental responsibility for the suppliers especially, at a time when India is on cusp of a change and needs better quality and responsible products. This would be in line with the objectives of ‘Make in India.’’ 

Brands Ethics Working Group Forum

Ms Mehta Majumdar also spoke at the Brands Ethics Working Group (BEWG) Forum in New Delhi in late February.

The Forum gathers 45 brands sourcing from India with the objective of strengthening social and environmental compliance practices, addressing common industry issues and sharing information and best practices.

At the forum, Ms Mehta Majumdar engaged in a dialogue with leaders in the business community, by introducing FTA’s trade and sustainability services and highlighting the specific support in areas such as supply chain monitoring, capacity building and stakeholder engagement at the local level.

Contact: Natasha Mehta Majumdar, FTA India Representative

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