FTA responds to the European Commission’s Communication on CSR


Following the European Commission’s Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), FTA President Ferry den Hoed has responded with a letter to the Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Vice-President Antonio Tajani, highlighting a couple of feedback items as well as concerns on the Communication. While the FTA appreciates the Commission’s acknowledgement of its initiative, the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), it also expresses the need to build on several important points. Issues of importance for the FTA include: additional assistance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to improve their responsibility in their supply chains; increased importance on education related to CSR; the need for CSR (and CSR reporting) to remain voluntary; targeted and effective communication towards consumers; along with increased support from the European Commission to facilitate CSR in an international context. For more information on the FTA’s position of the European Commission’s Communication on CSR, read the FTA’s letter to Vice-President Tajani. Ferry den Hoed has addressed this feedback also to the Commissioners Karel de Gucht (Trade), Laszlo Andor (Employment and Social Affairs) and Michel Barnier (Internal Market).

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