FTA Saddened by Boiler Explosion in Bangladesh


FTA expresses its sincere condolences to all those affected by the tragic incident at Multifabs Ltd on Monday 3 July, when a boiler exploded claiming the lives of 13 people. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

Multifabs Ltd is a commercial partner of several BSCI participants. The most recent social audit was conducted in May 2016 and was given a ‘B’ rating for its working conditions.

BSCI social audits monitor the implementation of the BSCI Code of Conduct, which in turn assesses compliance with international labour standards and national labour laws. For BSCI law observance is at the core of its Code of Conduct. While BSCI social audits do not cover technical inspections of boilers, we rely on the Bangladeshi government as the competent authority to conduct these checks.

Bangladesh, a developing and newly-industrialised country, is one of FTA members’ most important sourcing destinations. This incident again highlights the needs for the Bangladeshi government to take action and the put in place measures to address factory safety. It also raises the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration between the government, NGOs, trade unions and the business sector. 

While investigations are ongoing to find the cause of the explosion, FTA remains engaged in Bangladesh supporting companies in their commitment towards improving working conditions in the country. FTA will continue to keep close dialogue with the Bangladeshi government and international initiatives towards achieving improved working conditions and factory safety in Bangladesh. 

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