FTA Signs Statement of Support for the Dutch Garment and Textiles Agreement


On 4 July, FTA signed a Statement of Support for the Dutch Sustainable Garment and Textile Sector agreement. The agreement - signed by 55 companies, over 20 of them BSCI participants - has brought together a broad coalition of industry organisations, the Dutch government, businesses and NGOs to work together on improving both working and environmental conditions in the garment and textile supply chains of countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Turkey. 

Priority areas for the agreement are broad, ranging from protection from child labour and achieving a living wage, to reducing harmful environmental impact by saving on raw materials and creating a circular economy.

Through the signing of the Statement of Support, FTA commits to endorsing the goals and activities which the parties of the agreement wish to pursue. By means of its two sustainability initiatives, BSCI and BEPI, FTA continues to support improved working conditions and environmental performance in factories and farms worldwide.

FTA Director General, Christian Ewert stated, “The agreement is an important example of how multisector collaboration between business and stakeholders can lead to even more effective and committed improvements in global supply chains. However, while FTA welcomes such national projects, we believe that these initiatives should not lose sight of the broader EU goal of creating a global approach that provides a common framework and avoids duplication of standards and fragmentation.”

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