FTA Urges Cambodian Government to End Civil Unrest and Guarantee Workers’ Rights


The Foreign Trade Association (FTA), the mother organisation of BSCI, has sent an official letter to the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, calling for a peaceful solution to the civil unrest that has dominated the country during the last months. In the letter, the third of a series of communications addressed to the government during 2014, FTA stresses the importance of maintaining political stability and respect for human rights in order to continue sourcing activities and expresses its concern over recurrent labour rights violations.

As a matter of urgent priority, the FTA requests the government to establish effective industrial relations and to set up an action plan for improving the minimum wage determination mechanism. The Labor Advisory Committee (LAC), formed by representatives of government, garment sector and trade unions, is to set a new minimum wage for garment workers in October, an issue that has sparked violent strikes and has led to several fatalities since January 2014.

Cambodia, while not a major sourcing country for BSCI participants, includes a number of active producers, who are expected to ensure essential working conditions such as respect of workers' social benefits and compliance with wages mandated by local legislation. For this reason, FTA encourages local actors to achieve a peaceful consensus through an inclusive dialogue with all involved stakeholders.

This letter is available here.

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