G7 Summit: The Clothing and Fashion Sector Commits to the Environment


G7 leaders joined more than 20 fashion retailers and brands in late August in Biarritz, France to set out concrete actions for the planet, the biodiversity, the oceans and the climate. 

Among the first signatories of this "Fashion Pact" are luxury giants such as Kering, Chanel and Hermès, sports brands such as Nike and Adidas, as well as the fashion leaders of H&M and Inditex, and supermarket chain, Carrefour. 

Each signatory company will have its own strategy and action plan to achieve the following objectives:

  • reach zero net CO2 emissions by 2050
  • achieve 100% renewable energy across the supply chain by 2030
  • remove single-use plastics by 2030
  • support research and innovation to limit pollution of micro-fibres
  • adopt standards for animal welfare
  • support a regenerative and non-intensive agriculture

The fashion sector is currently responsible for 20% of wastewater discharges, 10% of carbon emissions, 22.5% of pesticide use and 20% of polluted water in the world. Pollution could also increase by 60% by 2030, if no big changes are made to these practices.

This Pact demonstrates a strong sign of the awareness by the leaders of the big fashion companies, that sustainable development and economic benefits can complement one another and that only the mobilisation of all actors in the sector around common objectives can positively influence the current situation. 

Contact: Sylvie Thonnerieux, Network Representative France

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