Get on Board with BEPI: Improve Environmental Performance in your Supply Chain


BEPI has been designed to make environmental improvements in the supply chain as easy as possible, for companies of any size, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In recent months, BEPI has enhanced its services to members through several new developments, making it easier than ever to get started quickly and efficiently:

More than 50% Increase in Membership

BEPI membership has increased significantly since the beginning of 2017.  Benefit from a growing network to collaborate with industry peers, save time and resources and reduce duplication of efforts.

More than 40,000 Producer Profiles Ready to be Activated

Reduce duplication of efforts and increase efficiency with more than 40,000 producers that are ready to be activated in our platform.

If your company is a participant of BSCI, upon joining BEPI you can easily filter your producer list based on relevant data from BSCI 2.0 audit reports, such as environmental scores and industry type. Then, invite producers to join BEPI in just one click.

Step-by-step approach

BEPI now provides step-by-step instructions for you and your producers to get to know the system and get started. Benefit from our guidance documents and checklists available for all actors involved in BEPI, translated in several languages.

New BEPI training sessions on the FTA Academy

Whether you are already a BEPI participant or would like to know more about how the initiative can help you and your producers, we have the right training for you:

Thinking about joining?

  • Introductory video on BEPI: A four-minute video on how to manage the environmental performance of your supply chain with BEPI.
  • Introduction to BEPI for Participants: A short and concise e-learning exercise available for companies who are interested in joining BEPI, which explains how the flexible and modular approach of BEPI can support your sustainability strategy and the benefits of BEPI for how you and your producers.
  • Introduction to BEPI for Producers: Similar to the introductory session for participants, this training session introduces BEPI to business partners and production facilities to help them understand the benefits they will gain through their participation.

Already a BEPI participant?

  • Getting Started with BEPI for Participants: Once becoming a BEPI participant, you can follow this straight-forward e-learning exercise to understand all you need to know to get started with implementing BEPI in your company and supply chain.

These e-learning exercises are held in English, Chinese and German. More sessions in other languages are coming soon.

  • Getting Started with BEPI for Producers: Assign your producer to this session, designed specifically to help your producers get started with their participation in BEPI to ensure a smooth and efficient process. 

These e-learning exercises are held in Chinese and Bengali. Stay tuned, other languages will be available soon.

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