Getting Ready for REACH Beyond 2018


On 15 November 2017, FTA organised its annual REACH seminar offering FTA members a platform to get first hand insights on the REACH regulation and to prepare them for the upcoming REACH registration deadline of May 2018.

Key speakers of the seminar included Bjorn Hansen, Head of Unit for Chemicals, Biocides & Nanomaterials at Directorate-General Environment and Jacek Rozwadowski, Policy Officer responsible for REACH legislation at Directorate-General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs at the European Commission as well as Rémi Lefèvre, Scientific Officer from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Mr Hansen, soon to be the Executive Director at ECHA, touched on the Chemical-Waste Product Interface and explained the difficulties of linking REACH with the Waste Framework Directive. The other speakers  provided an overview and explained the restriction process as well as the new guidelines for substances in articles under REACH. During this session, they addressed the topics with a theoretical background and included practical examples of complex objects and mixtures and restrictions in articles such as the ongoing restriction process on carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic substances (CMRs) in textiles.

The seminar also included two breakout sessions on the enforcement of REACH in Member States and chemical regulations around the world, held by Marko Sušnik from the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and Adriana Jalba from Cambre Associates.

Main outcomes

Key conclusions of the day included the importance of knowing substances in articles. As REACH authorisation notably does not apply outside the EU- importers, brands and retailers have been encouraged to adopt a holistic approach towards chemical management in their global supply chains. This includes the implementation of regulations such as REACH, capacity building measures and practical tools such as a manufacturing restricted substances list (MRSL) in the textile and footwear sector. Proactive approaches towards chemical management are needed to ensure better supply chain communication and risk management as well as to increase supply chain reliability and quality.

Check out the resources from the seminar:

For more information on communication and notification duties with complex objects, please consult this ECHA presentation.

New trainings on chemicals management

FTA has launched an online course, ‘Introduction to RSL and MRSL’ with the aim to support BEPI participants and producers in understanding the role of RSL and MRSL in the production facilities and how such tools help to improve chemicals management in global supply chains.

Register now to take advantage of this new course offering.

Check out other upcoming workshops on chemical management for BEPI producers held on 3-4 December and 10-11 December in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Not a BEPI participant yet? Find out more about how to address chemical issues in your supply chain on the official webpage.

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