Getting Your Buyers on Board


As environmental and social concerns have grown, responsible procurement has become a core pillar of a sustainable supply chain. Ensuring that your buyers are aligned with your supply chain values is key to continuous improvement and compliance.

amfori works with its members to help reinforce responsible purchase practices and enable suppliers to uphold amfori BSCI principles such as occupational health and safety and fair remuneration.

A number of tools exist to provide members support including:

  • The amfori Academy, the association’s online learning platform with workshops such as:
    • Getting buy in for amfori BSCI in your company: Learn how to convince the senior management and buying department in the company of the benefits of amfori BSCI.
    • Introduction to amfori BSCI: Understand what amfori BSCI is and why it’s important.
    • Due Diligence in Practice: How to map your supply chain, assess the risk in your supply chain, and set up a system to classify your business partners.
    • Getting buy in from your business partners: Learn how to present the business case for amfori BSCI to your business partners.
  • Buyers’ Check List, a check list to support buying departments in the identification of imminent social risks when visiting a producer.
  • amfori BSCI Easy Guide, a comprehensive document on how the amfori BSCI system works.
  • Pre-Qualification Assessment (PQA), a voluntary assessment tool to help determine the level of risk before starting a business relationship.
  • Country Due Diligence, a tool that assists amfori members in their due diligence risk-based approach in determining which business partners they want to involve in their sustainability activities.

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