#globalgoalsweek is here! Let’s Accelerate Progress Together


All across the world you can find businesses, organisations, governments and individuals who strive to embed the sustainable development goals into their daily practices to help push them forward. However, three years after initially launched, there is still a lot of work on the horizon and it is of utmost importance that we join forces to accelerate progress together.

As last year, we are joining #globalgoalsweek. A dedicated time of the year to raise awareness at a global level on the SDGs and focus on driving progress.

Would you like to get involved?

  1. Be part of our interactive mosaic and find out who supports the same SDGs as you

Tweet us a photo with the SDG most relevant to your work @amfori_intl via #acceleratetogether to be a part of it! You can then browse the mosaic and see who else has contributed.

  1. Attend our Unleash Opportunity Webinar: Achieve Sustainable Business Development with the SDGs

Register now and explore how the SDGs set a framework for embedding and reporting on sustainable business growth.

  1. Achieving Global Goals: An Interview with Caroline Rees

Read amfori’s QA with Caroline Reese, founder at Shift Project.


Let’s celebrate #globalgoalsweek together!


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