Guidance for amfori’s New Sustainability Platform and amfori BSCI



In order to help members to get the most out of amfori BSCI and our new Sustainability Platform, we have put together a holistic guidance document. We did this in response to members’ feedback, to answer frequently asked questions and to facilitate members’ transition to the new platform.

This guide was designed for amfori members to help with:

  • Onboarding
  • Getting the most out of amfori BSCI
  • Having an overview of amfori tools
  • Using the Sustainability Platform

The guide is structured as follows:

•            Part I - Admin user: completing the onboarding process and managing user accounts

•            Part II - Basic user: overview of amfori tools (Sustainability Platform, amfori Academy, amfori website) and how to get started with amfori BSCI

•            Part III - Proficient user: supply chain management, from adding a business partner to requesting a monitoring activity and working on continuous improvement activities

The guide will be updated on a regular basis along with newly introduced functionalities on the Sustainability Platform.

You can download the most up to date version from the amfori Academy in the onboarding section.

For questions or feedback, please reach out to the responsible Membership Team via

Download the Guide