Guidance on Responsible Purchasing Practices and other COVID-19 updates

At amfori we’ve been working to keep our members up to date on any relevant developments in the current COVID-19 outbreak and to support them during these difficult times. We have created a central page which we update with any new information, links, recommendations, and so on.
What amfori is Doing
  • New amfori COVID-19 Taskforce – composed of representatives from amfori governance bodies and senior management, its mandate is to identify how amfori can best serve its members during this crisis
  • Responsible Purchasing Practices in times of COVID-19 – amfori calls on its member companies, even in these challenging times, to continue with Due Diligence, and to carry out Responsible Purchasing Practices. We have put together a guidance document to support these efforts. 
  • Upcoming COVID-19 webinar: Join our online session with amfori Bangladesh Representative, Saiful Millat, on 15 April to learn more about the impact of Covid-19 on businesses on the ground.
  • Past COVID-19 webinar: the recording of our webinar, Sustainable Sourcing Practice Amidst Impact by COVID-19, is now available. 
Useful resources:
- Check out our updated FAQs in English
Visit our dedicated Covid-19 webpage for a full overview of updates and resources available.
What Our Members Are Doing
Has your business taken any measures to limit the negative impact of COVID-19 in your sustainable sourcing activities? Has your company shifted activity to produce healthcare material (masks, protective glasses, hand sanitiser, etc) or is it supporting the community in any other way?  
We would like to hear from you if you have any best practice stories or advice that could help fellow members. Please email us and include a brief description of the problem you faced, how you solved it and any useful insights that you gained.