Hackathon with Purpose: New Sustainability Ideas



Good ideas come when we work together. To bring our sustainability services to the next level, we decided to leverage the business, analytics and cognitive expertise of Deloitte. To do this, we collaborated on a three day hackathon event with volunteer data experts from Deloitte.

A hackathon combines data science talent and business expertise during a focused amount of time to deliver a tangible proof of concept for a well-defined business challenge. Our hackathon was held virtually 7-9 July.

Prior to the hackathon, amfori’s strategy and innovation (S&I) team, together with our colleagues who are developing amfori’s new Sustainability Platform, scoped three key challenges to be addressed by Deloitte’s analytics and cognitive (A&C) team.

During the first two days of the hackathon, both companies collaborated to ensure that the challenge was understood and that an aligned solution was being developed. On the last day, Deloitte’s teams pitched four concrete use cases for using sustainability data more effectively.

Finally, amfori and Deloitte selected the top two use cases to move forward. The cases selected were, ‘Tracking Sustainability’ and ‘Improving Sustainability’.

amfori gifted the two winning teams with an olive tree in Italy, each year they will be sent high-quality olive oil from their adopted tree.

The hackathon confirmed the success of the collaboration between amfori and Deloitte. The teams worked together to find ways to use data to drive the effectiveness and impact of amfori’s activities for our members and producers. The final concrete use cases will now be worked on further by amfori to maximise the ROI of sustainability data usage.